chasing butterflies

28 May

Yesterday as we were leaving church Cade was being his pokey self, walking slowly to the car, having to touch and look at everything! He started chasing a butterly, running after it and jumping, trying his hardest 4 year old self to catch it. As he had getten a considerable distance from the car I told him it was time to go and that we couldn’t chase butterflies all day. He looked and me and asked “Why not Mom?”

It made me stop and think. His act of chasing the butterfly was so innocent, so fun-filled, he was very determined and in my adult mind I had written it off as not important and undoable. “Why not Mom?” was a great question.

It’s amazing to watch your children live innocent, carefree lives. It makes me want to set aside all I have to do, the stresses, to do lists, and time commitments and spend some time just chasing butterflies.

As we left I promised him that we will go one afternoon to th epark and do nothing but chase butterlies together until we catch one. I think that will be refreshing for him, but even more so for me.


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