Family Fun Night 1 – Pirate Party

10 Jun

I read a blog of a mom who plans a Family Fun Night weekly for her family. It ahs inspired me to do the same. Since JD is out of town this week and we’re trying to keep busy, I thought tonight would be a great opportunity for the first one, so I planned a Pirate Party for the boys. We got in pirate costume, all three of us, and went on a treasure hunt around the house to find gold coins I had hidden. I gave the boys small plastic treasure boxes that they could put their coins in as they found them. We then pushed the two couches together, and fashioned a mast and sails with a broom handle and two sheets. While I cooked our pancakes for dinner, I started the movie “Peter Pan” for them to watch. We watch the movie while we ate our yummy chocolate chip pancakes and eggs. I also put some cut up carrots, celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes in a muffin tin with a salad dressing to dip them in one of the cups. The boys complained for a bit and I just let it sit there. By the end of the meal, all of the veggies with the exception of the celery were eaten. 🙂

We wrapped up the night with plenty of pictures, book reading, then showers.

For our first Family Fun Night, the boys had a blast as did I. They got along, had fun, and actually thanked me for it! I can’t wait for JD to come home so we can share them with him! Any ideas on what to do next for a theme??? 


3 Responses to “Family Fun Night 1 – Pirate Party”

  1. Lindsay June 11, 2008 at 9:14 pm #

    What fun!! I really can’t wait to see what those nights look life for us!! Obviously they will probably include lots of pink, princesses, and tiarra’s but nevertheless its such an exciting time to think about! Thanks for the inspiration! Will you be at book club on Thursday?

  2. Naomi June 15, 2008 at 3:16 am #

    Great ideas Michelle. I bet the boys had a blast- minus the celery. I second that! Another idea you could do is something western/cowboys- boots, hats, tacos for dinner…
    wacky night- do things backwards, mismatched clothes (shouldn’t be hard, just let the boys pick things out- and best of all- dessert first!



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