New Product: Honest Kids juice

17 Jun

I typically give my kids water or milk to drink. Juice is a treat in our house. I don’t feel they need the additional sugar or artificial coloring that many juices have, they get a ton of it already, and I don’t care to spend the money either. Well, at Sam’s Club the other day I noticed “Honest Kids Organic Thirst Quencher” juice pouches. They are in a container much like Capri Suns. They are USDA Organic, but even better, they contain water, cane sugar (one of the best forms of unprocessed sugars for us), a few organic juice concentrates depending on the flavor, and if it is coloring – it’s all natural, like purple carrot juice for coloring or beta carotene. There are 3 flavors – Grape Goodness, Berry Berry Good Lemonade, and Tropical Tango Punch. Cade and Benjamin love them and I have to admit they are really good. As far as juice goes, I feel pretty good about them drinking these.


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