I needed A LOT of coffee today…

19 Jun

So yeah, waking up at 5:06am with a head-thudding migraine is no fun. Especially when two angel faces appear a short hour later trying to get you to wake up and get out of bed to spend time with them. I let Jd get up to start their morning as I crawled back under the covers, two Tylenol being digested, and a wet washcloth on my head. Sigh.

Don’t you hate it when Mommy is not feeling well and the LAST thing you feel like doing is being Mommy??? Cade was precious tonight when he told the waitress, “my mommy has a headache” and when this morning, upon hearing I wasn’t feeling well, declared that he had a “nose ache.”

It’s now close to the time my headache started last night and I feel it still dull in the background. I am praying I can wake in the morning and it will be gone.


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