Power of Choices

8 Jul

So in trying to get my kiddos to comply with my requests, something that they have become pretty good at ignoring lately, I was reminded in reading a parenting book, to offer choices. Some of my choices look like this:

” Benjamin, you can sit on your bottom or your knees at the table.”

“Cade, you can choose to have nice words or you can go to your room.”

“Boys, do you want popcorn or ice cream?”

Sometimes, I really could care less about the outcome of their choice. But I read that giving choices to children empowers them when they feel like all the decisions are made for them and they don’t have a say in much. Tonight at dinner, I made my husband laugh with my choice and how Cade “fell for it.” After Cade refused to eat any broccoil, I told him, “Cade, you can eat one bite or two bites of broccoli.” He brightened up and chose to eat one bite, but I still felt triumphant in the end! See, you just need to get a little manipulative and creative with your choices for your desired outcome! 🙂


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