so it starts…

23 Jul


I thought it would be awhile before we got here and it breaks my heart! Picking JD up from his soccer game tonight, we played around on the field with the boys and another boy and his dad. The boys were loving kicking the ball in the goal and were having fun. The other boy was pretty good on his feet for a 5 year old and I was easily impressed. Cade was lucky to kick the ball with his foot rather than jacking the boy off the ball with his hands. I mentioned to the other dad that his kid was pretty good. Well he asked me what I’m SO not ready to hear yet…

How good is your boy?

SIgh. So it starts. I am SO not one of those over competitive, driven for success parents. Let kids be kids, have fun, and learn something. If they’re the best along the way – great. If not – they will be at something.


One Response to “so it starts…”

  1. rheagan July 29, 2008 at 11:35 am #

    Through you the boys will learn to love the game not the competititon…what a great mommy!

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