13 Aug

I know I have blogged on my other blog about complacency before, but I have some thoughts on my mind to share about it now. Probably more like rambles. Anyways, it seems as if complacency always leads to death if not dealt with. Complacency in your job or career cuts off creativity, innovation, drive. Complacency in your marriage leads to disconnect & conflict. Complacency in parenting means you’re not putting forth the best effort and looking for ways to serve and meet the needs of your children. And one I am most guilty of – complacency in your walk with Christ. Complacency in your walk with Christ leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled. It can lead to sin and can lead to complacency in these other areas plus more. It seems as if this is out of alignment, then it’s difficult to sync the other areas of your life.

Some practical steps in combating complacency are to (1) journal (or blog) blessings or journeys in your life. You can see where you’ve been or the grace you’ve been given. Looking back on this brings to light the potential we have in our lives. (2) sharing with a friend. Kind of like accountability – sharing with a friend areas you’re just not “feeling” it. This will possibly help you if it’s an issue of sin you’re dealing with. (3) pray – pray for passion. God wants our excellence in all we do. We are short-cutting Him when we don’t do our best, being that He’s the one who has given us our abilities and sustains us. He will deliver us from those feelings.

Just my $.02 worth. I know I have been through many valleys where I have felt complacent in one area or another. First I check to see if I am getting the sleep and nutrition I need. Then I find one of the above areas helpful in getting through it. What do you do when you feel you are battling complacency in your life in an area?


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