Thankful Thoughts 2

22 Aug

Here’s this week’s addition of things I am thankful for:

(!) a wonderful husband who goes the extra step to make my life easier and show that he adores me (I love you baby!)

(2) two active boys that will stop anytime to smother their momma with kisses

(3) Cade saying that he’ll never get married because he wants to be with his momma forever

(4) getting a text from a best friend saying they are thinking of me

(5) the cooler weather with a slight breeze and a clean and romantic patio to enjoy it on

(6) chai latte’s from Starbucks

(7) grace, unlimited grace from my Father in heaven

(8) the ability to serve a family by being God’s instrument in helping them with a financial crisis, and the blessing that gives

(9) 2 HUGE zucchinis (zuchinni?) in my kitchen waiting to be made into zuchinni bread tomorrow

(10) talking passionate parenting topics with a friend who I can learn from and has similar views

(11) the hope of goals I want to pursue

(12) a momma who is my best friend

(13) a wide variety of good music easily available

(14) good books, like a good friend

*** I was aiming for 22, since today is the 22nd, but then realized that you guys might not to read that much about things I’m thankful for today! 🙂 THanks for hanging in there through these!!!!!


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