30 Aug

Right now in my life I think God is working in a few ways to teach me an important lesson — humility. I can’t take a lesson in one-fold, God has to hit me from different ways to get it through my hard head.

Proverbs 22:4 says : “True humility and fear of the Lod lead to riches, honor and a long life.”

As we launch into a new school year, our 3rd, and one with a absolutely full program with a waiting list, I am sitting here shaking my head asking God, “how did I get here?” I am humbled by God’s blessings and provisions through this school. I am humbled with the incredible staff we have and the thought that parents trust us with their most precious children. Each day I am in awe of this gift I have been given.

Secondly, our family could be embarking on one of the most humbling experiences ever in our thoughts. As God continues to work His hand in this we are amazed. It is beyond anything we ever though we would be doing, but isn’t that just like God to totally take us so far out of our comfort zone to teach us that we are worthy of what He has for us and that He can guide us the entire way?

Third, I am humbled by the love of my dear husband. I fail him continually yet the love he has for me is unconditional. I thank God for the tests he places in our lives and marriages for us to be able to experience this as we draw closer to each other. I am humbled that he loves me even more than himself and prays daily to put me first.

In all of this I am learning that God is the one in control. When I take over and start thinking I am is when it all falls apart. I can do nothing without Him in my life – leading, directing, guiding.


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