Family Fun Night 4 – Backwards Night

10 Sep

Gosh, have been so busy this weekend, I didn’t get around to posting about our Family Fun Night on Friday. We had a laid back family fun night, as I have had a lot going on with school starting last week and all. So Backwards Night it was! First, we changed our clothes to be backwards. Then for backwards night we ate dinner sitting under the kitchen table! And not just dinner, but ate our dessert first. The boys, and JD and I made ice cream sundaes – cherry, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, then ice cream. For dinner we ate yummy Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken (wish we had a Trader Joe’s!!!). After dinner we did fun races – backwards walking, backwards crawling, backwards jumping. Grandma and Grandpa came over to join in the fun for a little and we were freeze dancing to some fun old school music. Lastly we enjoyed a family movie. Even the night was a little more low-key than an ordinary Family Fun Night, the boys enjoyed it just the same and we had an awesome time being together as family. I love how planning these special nights allows me to be creative, spend time together intentionally as a family, and get out of our meal ruts. I’ll post some pics later after I get them uploaded.


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