The beginning of the journey…

18 Nov

So back in January, JD received a call from North Point Ministries, actually a recruiter for them. They had come across him and wanted to know if would potentially be interested in planting a church for them, or at least to start talking to them. He was dumbfounded. For the past two years a few close people to JD have spoken into him that he should plant a church someday. His response has always been that he’s not inters ted. He even told NP this when they called – that he hadn’t really considered doing this and didn’t know why they wanted him. Their answer – “talk to the people who think this of you and find out why.” So he did. 

Over the past 10 months, NP has had phone conferences, interviews, site visits, personality/leadership testing, etc. to determine what type of leader he is and if it is what they look for. We guess it is because after the site visit we started talking details of the launch! JD is the youngest “strategic partner” to plant a North Point church. 

So, that’s the how we came to this. A few more details: the plant will be in Columbia, SC, where we currently are. They looked at moving us to a few places, but they ultimately decided that Columbia needs a church like this. Launch is expected Fall 2009. 

Wow! We have been humbled daily by this gift God is giving us. It’s amazing all the faith connections and blessings we’ve already seen through this. God’s hand has been more than evident through the past 10 months and we are ecstatic to see what He does in the future!


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