Christmas Traditions

26 Dec

I figure if I don’t blog about the intentionaly traditions we strated this year and perhaps even last, I’ll forget about them, like I did last year! We have had a great Christmas the past few days, with a few more days of family coming into town. A few special things we did this year that I’d like to remember for next: 

Christmas Eve – This is also Benjamin’s birthday, so we try to focus more on that than Christmas. We had a special cheese fondue dinner with breads, apples, and sausage and also shrimp (the kids favorite). Afterwards we had cake and sang Happy Birthday. That evening, the boys opened their Christmas jammies to wear to bed and we baked cookies for Santa. It was great!

Christmas Day – The special part of this day was coming into the living room, and sitting in front of the kids nativity set. I read the Christmas story from the kids Bible and the boys with JD cted it out with the nativity pieces. Afterwards we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and prayed before getting into presents and such. Once we started with the presents, stockings were opened first, the gifts. Afterwards, I made homemade cinnamon rolls. Yummy!

We have had a great Christmas with Cade and Benjamin this year. Grandma and Grandpa were here for most of it and we had dinner with them Christmas evening. Now we’re just getting ready for Noni and Poppy to head into town tomorrow!


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