12 Jan

So when the boys went to preschool today, which is at our church, which is what I am director of, they were quite confused why Daddy wasn’t going to work. The conversation went something like this: 

Me – “Daddy doesn’t work at this church anymore. ” 

C – “Where is his office?”

Me – “Well, he’s working at Starbucks for his office?”

C – “He works at Starbucks now?”

Me – “Well, he’s not a Starbucks man, he doesn’t make coffee. He sits at Starbucks and drinks coffee while working on his computer.”

C – “Where is the new church?”

Me – “Daddy is getting it ready so that one day we can go there. It isn’t ready for us yet.”

C – “Oh. So who is in Daddy’s office now?”


I think we had this conversation 3 times today. Benjamin didn’t even try to figure it out, he just listened then wanted to see Daddy’s office after school. Glad, I have months before I leave or they’d be really confused!


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