Sometimes it has just gotta wait!

17 Jan

So today the kids didn’t have school and I was dreading my 3rd day home this week with them. Don’ get me wrong – I LOVE my boys, but I love working part-time, being on the go, and having things to do. Being homebound makes me and them antsy. Since we have only one car in our family. and JD had 3 meetings today, and we no longer both work at the same place, I had to share. 🙂 He had the car and we were stuck at home with miserable cold weather outside. 

I don’t know if it was the prayers I said this morning, a renewed attitude, I got enough sleep, or a change in pregnancy hormones, but we had a GREAT day! I had planned on doing a ton of housework and catch up on some things around here, but ended up playing 75% of the day with the boys. We played Candy Land, snuggled and watched TV, built with TinkerToys, played on the computer, did art, and read books.  I was still somewhat productive around the house but kept saying one thing in my mind — housework will wait, but these moments don’t last. 

Sometimes I do need to slow down, stop being on the go, and just relish the time I have to spend with my precious children. It paid off and we had an amazing day!


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