8 Aug

I get this daily parenting tip in my e-mail that is called “ScreamFree Daily” by Hal Runkel. They are short parenting blurbs that set the course of my day in regards to my attitude in parenting & disciplining. I love them! You can go to ScreamFree Parenting to sign up for yours. Today’s was a great thought that I got a lot out of and wanted to share with you!

“The teacher you need is the person you’re living with.” -Byron Katie, US author & philosopher

Want the secret to figuring out where your weaknesses lie?Pay close attention to your children. They will bring you exactly the challenge that you need in order to grown into a better adult. It’s like your own personalized grown up makeover kit.

It’s true – think about the most frustrating aspect of dealing with your child right now. What drives you nuts? What gets your goat? That’s the very arena where you need to grow. There is something in that interaction between the two of you that needs to change. And chances are, changing your part in that pattern is going to stretch you like never before. Our loved ones can teach us everything we need to know about ourselves if we’ll allow our problems with them to act as our solutions.


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