My baby grown up!

20 Aug

So in 12 days, my baby, my firstborn, Cade starts kindergarten. I can hardly believe it! He would be starting tomorrow with our school district if we had him in it, so that’s why it’s on my mind tonight. He will be attending a half-day kindergarten at McGregor Presbyterian. I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding why we did half-dy vs. whole-day from friends & family. Mostly because I don’t feel he’s ready to be gone all day yet. He still naps, he was only in 3 day preschool last year, with his mom as the director, and we had considered homeschooling this year.  As well as we are excited about the Christian teaching and spritiual foundation he’ll be receiving from his teachers. I would love for my babes to stay close to me & soak up the time with them. We thought this would be a happy medium between homeschooling and public school.

Where has time flow though? It seems as if I was just holding him yesterday, not Harper – and now he’s starting school. Wow!


One Response to “My baby grown up!”

  1. Natalie August 20, 2009 at 2:57 am #

    Wow! I can’t believe your baby is going to Kindergarten! Time really does fly when you have little ones, doesn’t it!?! I hope he has a great first day in 12 days! 🙂

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