Broken Bones

19 Sep

So rewind back to September 5th. We were getting ready for our Friday night Family Fun Night and had decided to change plans halfway through – it involved going to a movie night at a local church. Found out the night was wrong after arriving there, ended up with two disappointed little boys. So we took them to the playground for a little play before heading home to our sleepover in the living room. We were at the park maybe 5 minutes before Cade started screaming by the playground equipment. Now, mind you, my precious 5-year-old has somewhat a flair for drama and this was no different. But immediately after seeing him, we knew he had fallen from the monkey bars and that chances were his arm was broken.

We headed to Urgent Care at 8:10pm and called my parents to meet us there to take Harper and Ben home. Enough germs lurking those places to make me OCD about it. After waiting a short bit there, we were basically told they could X-Ray, tell us it’s broken, but nothing could be done until we see an Orthopedist on Tuesday – umm…that’s 4 days. No. So with my (dramatic) 5 year old crying, “Somebody just help me please?! Why can’t I get any help??” we headed to the children’s hospital downtown, where we were cozy for the next 7 hours.

Long story short, it was broken, 6 weeks in a cast, and God is amazing. Cade has been a champ with his arm casted and out of use. He has compensated for his other hand in almost every way needed, including writing. Not much complaining or whining. I am so proud of him. I’m also sure this is probably just the beginning of broken bones!


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