Littles update

10 Jul

Since it’s been such a while since I last blogged, I have a lot to catch up on! I’ll start first with the new things the kids can do and with what’s up with them.

Cade – Cade turned 6 in May and we celebrated with a Secret Mission birthday party. It was great fun as many of his friends from school were there to celebrate with him. Talking about school, he finished kindergarten this year. I still can’t believe I have a baby going into 1st grade (sniff!). He had two wonderful kindergarten teachers that loved him for who he was and allowed him freedom in being who he is. Choosing a half-day, Christian kindergarten was the right thing for our family and we look forward to homeschooling in the Fall. Cade continues to amaze me every day with the way he dotes on Harper and cares for her. Him and Benjamin are best buds (most the time!) teaming up on me. He’s started reading a bit this year and really loves science and animals. He told me this morning he wanted to be a vet. He learned to swing a few months ago and loves it!

Benjamin – Sweet Benjamin. My baby boy loved staying at home this past year with me and Harper, but missed Cade at school. We had to do “school” every day for the first few months while Cade was away. Benjamin is a quick learner and has picked up on many of the things Cade learned at school as well. We’re going to homeschool him for kindergarten next year although he’ll really only be in a 4’s class. A few months ago Ben took the training wheels off his bike and went flying! He loves all things fire truck and Star Wars.

Harper — Baby girl turned 1 in May! Can’t believe how time flies!! She has grown and changed so much, it really is crazy! A few weeks ago she took her first steps at Applachian Christian Camp when we were there. She’ll walk 5 or 6 steps but still prefers to crawl. It’s funny – she’s adapted to a crawl that’s on her feet, with her butt in the air. She loves water, like swimming and the Splash Pad, but not baths so much. She’d rather stand in the tub or climb. Climb? She’s everywhere! She climbs out of her high chair straps, her stroller straps, and screams in her car seat. Hold Harper down? No way! She’s got places to go and things to see! She’s a very busy girl with somewhat of a stubborn streak to her. She can say “ma, Da, something like Grandpa, bye, & hi.” Harper LOVES her grandpa and her blanket and her brothers.  As for food, she’s eating, but really likes fruits, breads, crackers, & veggies. Meats aren’t her favorite. Sometimes I still look at her and can’t believe I have a girl!

Okay, thanks for staying with me for those updates (if you did!). 🙂 I wanted them written down more as a way to journal where the kids are at. Hope you enjoyed!


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