Wow, I think I’m back!

10 Jul

Alright it’s been close to a year since I blogged last. Besides switching roles to a full-time Mom, but not part-time Children’s Minister/Preschool Director, adding in being a new church planting pastor’s wife, and having a new baby, while caring for two crazy little boys – blogging fell to the wayside. I felt like I didn’t have much to say at the times I sat down to write it. Not to mention, who cared to read all about my life anyways? (Well, you do Mom, but that’s about it! :)) However, I think this year has been a time of discovery into who I am, what I enjoy, and what matters most to me. We’re getting ready to enter into yet another new season as we journey into homeschooling and I think I finally feel like a grown-up. More about that later. So, all that to say — I have a lot to say now! I have actually missed blogging the past few weeks and thought I’d try my hand at it again.

So, hang-on! I have some posts coming up with my thoughts on cooking/eating, family, and life!


One Response to “Wow, I think I’m back!”

  1. mom July 10, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    Welcome Back!! Now I can find out what’s going on in your life!! lol
    Love you

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