Embracing Summer

13 Jul

With temperatures reaching 103 and humidity around 90%, it’s easy to dread summers here in South Carolina. The boys home from school, bored, chasing each other around the house, climbing on each other like kittens playing, needing activity to keep myself sane. Yep! That’s summer. In the past, summer has meant JD traveling for weeks at a time, overseeing camps, attending conferences, leaving me a single mom with 3 kiddos to care for.

This summer has been different for our family. We have faced summer head-on and are enjoying it immensely. I’m not sure where the shift occurred, but we have found much to embrace in the heat and chaos of summer. For starters, JD isn’t in youth ministry any longer so for the most part camps and conferences in the summer are a thing of the past. He spoke one week at a camp this summer, but he wasn’t dean, and our family attended it together, enjoying the mountains of Tennessee and the pleasantness of the camp experience.

We have filled our summer with meaningful experiences and a lot of family time. Picnics at Riverfront Park, bike rides, and fishing adventures. Of course there’s been the fun free movies to go see, the YMCA water park and splash pad or free bowling to play as well. A few beach trips tossed in along with a vacation to Amelia Island with family wrap up the summer activities.

Perhaps the biggest factor in our family embracing summer this year is enjoying our family garden and local produce. We have been going to at least one of the many farmer’s markets in our area pretty much each week. We’ve been to blueberry and strawberry farms, coming home with freezable amounts of yummy berries. The boys have loved checking our garden each day, and bringing in cucumbers and tomatoes. Then of course eating all these delicious fruits and vegetables is a real summer treat!

Normally at this point in summer, I’d be whiny about the heat, tired of rambunctious kids, and ready for routine. But I think we’ve found a new kind of normal in enjoying the things seasons offer us!


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