One of those days…

16 Jul

This week seems to be crawling by very slowly! Yesterday I decided to take the littles to the water park about 45 min. from our home. Jd took off the afternoon from work and came with us. Luckily he was with us because our car broke down on the way home on the Interstate, about 30 miles from home. Long story short, Dad came and picked me and the kids up, Jd went with the car and roadside assistance, it’s the battery and alternator and he’s at a friend’s home right now putting a new alternator in.  Whew! Few problems with our car being inoperable – (1) we’re a one-car family, (2) we have a day-trip tomorrow to see our dear friend graduate from Marine boot camp. So besides the stress of this situation, we were stuck at home with no transportation today. The boys had had enough of being brothers (or maybe they were being brothers??), and no body was getting along. It was one of those days where I want to just throw the towel in and take a few vacation days from mommying! Luckily the car is now fixed and tomorrow we’ll be on our way to Parris Island and Hunting Island. I did learn a few things through this though:

– have an emergency kit in the car just in case (blanket, flashlight, granola bars, bottles of water, kid activity books)

– be thankful for the little things (battery fix was free, friend helped replace alternator, we broke down under an overpass in the shade, Jd was with me when it happened)

– it could always be worse (have a friend with a child in ICU right now, saw two bad car accidents all the while dealing with this)


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