Change of scene

18 Jul

To say my littles were driving me nuts this morning, was stating it lightly! On Saturday mornings I like to visit the All-Local Farmer’s Market here in Columbia. It’s a wonderful place to buy delicious local fruit, vegetables, meats, and dairy items. The vendors visit weekly and it’s a real treat to be able to try new things. Usually we go as a family, although at times I’ve gone by myself or with one child or another. Well, today Jd was working construction with a friend, so I thought I’d take all 3 littles with me. A friend joined us and we were on our way! Ugh….the littles were wild, deaf, and out of control. Even Harper was screaming for one thing or another. I still had a great time at the market and was able to get some peaches, green beans, corn, donut peaches, and a cantaloupe.

After fighting with them through morning play and lunch, I decided we needed to get out of the house! When your littles drive you crazy, the last thing you want to do is take them some where, but many times it’s the best thing to do! We went to Saluda Shoals Park and spent hours hiking and exploring the wetland observatory. The boys were so excited to explore and see the many turtles, bugs, lizards, frogs, and fish. It was hot, but such a refreshing time to kind of enter their world. They loved catching a frog and a jar of tadpoles. Now that I’m thinking of it, it’s funny how we didn’t have a single bad attitude or cross word said the rest of the day!


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