homeschool update

5 Sep

So…we have just finished our 3rd full week of homeschooling. I thought I’d give it a few weeks before writing any thoughts about it, but I LOVE it! We’re still trying to find our groove, but it’s gotten a bit more relaxed each day and that’s okay with me. The boys are excited about learning, having fun, and we’re just really getting to know each other. I’ve listed my top ten list of fav. things about homeschooling because I really could go on and on about it!

10 – the routine!

9 – changing our plans if the weather is nice and we want to be outside

8 – the flexibility for playdates & field trips

7 – reading a book, seeing the boys get excited about a topic, then ask if they can learn about it

6 – cooking together! We made “moon cookies” and homemade yogurt this week. Next week: bread

5 – being the one to instill values and biblical teaching throughout my littles daily struggles

4 – snuggling on the couch for reading books

3 – having Daddy teach skills while playing, not even intentionally

2 – firsthand seeing my child’s eyes light up when they “get” it

1 – the teamwork and love-filled atmosphere in our home


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