justONE virtual conference

9 Sep

Last night I was able to participate in an exciting opportunity, the JustONE Virtual Conference. It is a 6 week conference, on Tuesday mornings or evenings that is geared toward pastors wives and women in ministry. Some of the best women leaders in the church will be speaking over the course of the next 6 weeks on topics such as marriage, relationships, family, time & balance, growth and passion. Last night my favorite speaker was Lisa Young, wife of Ed Young Jr. from Fellowship Church in TX. She said some very insightful things on criticism and friendships while being in ministry. I am looking forward to another great speaker next week.

Another great thing to come out of this conference and the Leading and Loving It team is the opportunity for Virtual Community Groups. I am in a group of 10 other women, led by a great woman of God, and we will be connecting monthly via the internet. In between the times we “see” each other, we can support each other and keep in touch via Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, or phone. It is a really neat opportunity to develop relationships with other women traveling the same journey you are. I’m super excited about this because there isn’t anyone yet that I’m connected to who can understand exactly what we’ve been going through as a family, and me as a wife, starting Columbia Church. I’m also excited about encouraging other women who might be a step behind where I’m at.

Crazy things technology allows us to do!


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