bubble wrap printing & bubble painting

13 Sep

We love anything creative around here. So here’s a peek at some of the art things we do in homeschooling.

Bubble Wrap prints

Bubble Painting —

My son made a huge mess this morning at breakfast by blowing bubbles into his milk (which kid doesn’t love to do that!), so I thought we’d do some bubble painting today that I’ve ready about. You mix dish soap, water, and paint in a cup. Give the kids straws and have them blow bubbles into the cup. They then press their paper into the bubbles to have it paint or print on the paper. Pretty cool! The boys loved it although it sure was messy. They found other ways of applying the paint to the paper too, like with the straw painting it on and blowing the bubbles over the cup so it’d cascade onto the paper underneath. Fun stuff!


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