4 Oct

Up until now I had balked at the idea of the boys playing sports. I knew deep down that one day the time would come, but to me it seemed so grown up, meant being tied to a crazy schedule of practice and games, and took away from family time. But now that we’re homeschooling we especially thought the time was right for the boys to be around other kids. Not to mention JD was excited about them maybe loving it and following in his footsteps one day!

So we’re in full-swing soccer mode. Practices two days a week, games all morning on Saturday, extra laundry, and lost socks. Tears and refusal to play, joy and big feelings of accomplishments when we do play. Cool crisp mornings, chasing baby girl around the fields. All the glimpses of this season for us. I’m still not loving being slave to schedules and rushing around at dinnertimes for practices, but I’m realizing the importance of this season for my littles. They are meeting friends, learning the value of working together on a team and perseverance. They are experiencing what it means for someone to depend on you because they’re part of something bigger than themselves. They’re also enjoying being outside, running in the crisp fall air, exercising, stretching their minds and abilities.

I’m okay to be in this season, I guess. I’m slowly getting used to the extra laundry and the rushed dinners before practice in exchange of seeing their growth. I’m enjoying being a soccer mom for the time being, but happy that this season is only 8 weeks long. 🙂


One Response to “ahh….soccer”

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