toys? overrated!

27 Oct

As I sit outside and watch the littles play, I am thinking about their favorite things. Their favorite things aren’t action figures they play with or puzzles they do. The things they spend their time doing aren’t playing video games or pushing firetrucks – although they do enjoy doing all these things. The things they enjoy most are being outside and living life with real objects. Give them a hammer or saw and they “work” for hours! Just let them outside and they are super-content. Digging, cutting, hammering, exploring, making bug habitats, searching for bugs and animals, climbing trees, throwing leaves, and running. Inside the house the littles tend to get antsy and hyper. Take them outside and they are focused and involved in their learning, exploration, and play.

As I sit here and think about this, I am a little anxious with the quickly approaching winter. Sure fall and spring are lovely seasons to spend hours a day outdoors, but what to do when those bitterly cold days approach? Any ideas?


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