voices and balance

22 Feb


Day to day there seems so much to be done – homeschooling, caring for the littles, cooking, disciplining, cleaning, being a wife, friend, mother, and the list goes on…

There are bills to pay, grocery lists to write, meals to plan, doctor appointments to make, bathtubs to scrub, and dishwashers to load and run.

I have voices in my head about all these things – but I also have the voice of a quiet Father in my ear prompting me to spend time with Him. How can I do this when my mind and thoughts always seem to be on something else? Am I the only one who struggles with the balance? I begin to pray, then get called away to tend to the cries of a child. I pick up my Bible and a boy wakes up for the day. I reflect on who God is and what He’s done in my life, and the phone rings.

So I challenge myself to find the balance in day-to-day life to be who I need to be and still live through a God-focused lens. I want closeness. I want my first and foremost thought to be of God and His sovereignty. I have a hunger for His word, and to encounter Him in prayer, but the voices are so loud….it’s almost as if His is drowned out.


2 Responses to “voices and balance”

  1. Michele Adams February 23, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    Double “L”…God knows your heart. He knows how much you need and want to spend time with Him. He also gave you a tremendous job to do, with your littles and as a pastor’s wife. HE KNOWS!!! And He is with you. All of the time that is needed to raise your children, will be given back to you in blessings beyond belief. You see your children and you say “Thank You”…you love your husband and you say “Thank You”. You see your messy house and you say “thank you”. Everything is for a reason and a season…your house is just a house. But your children are a teaching moment all the time. And your husband is time well spent, in spite of the housework. Shell, it will ALWAYS BE THERE. But this time, at this moment, will not. I love you! Call me if you need a voice or a shoulder.

  2. bonnie Widmaier February 23, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    oh it is a constant everyday struggle for me! morning is the best time if i can be strong enough to get up early before anyone else…. which is really early since my kids are up at 6:30! i just try to say little prayers all day long to keep me focused on him. also in the past i was finding myself checking my email or FB many time through out the day. so instead of having my computer open, i would shut it and put my devo or my bible on top an read the verse again and again. if i had time to stop and check email, i sure had time to stop and read the verse again. i pray that at some point in my life it will just be part of who i am. i get up, i spend time with the lord. no matter where i am or what is going on for the day. right now i am still at a place where i feel i have to make myself sit and do it. recently i heard, choosing to the do the right thing even if you dont feel like it, will eventually feel good! so in many aspects of my life i am trying to choose the right things and one day i wont even have to make the choice, i will just do it b/c i love my God and i love my family. thanks for sharing.

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