why we decided to homeschool

2 Mar

Last year our family made the BIG decision to forego the school system and homeschool our son as he was entering 1st grade. We spent a lot of time talking, thinking, talking to others, and praying about it. It was NOT a decision that came lightly to us, but one that we mulled over for weeks and months. When we made the decision to homeschool, my husband and I agreed that we would take it one year at a time and reevaluate every year how it was going and if it was meeting both the needs of me, our children, and our family. I’ve been asked many times why we decided to homeschool. As a Christian family, as a pastor’s family, many assume that it was strictly for the instillment of Christian values, avoiding the supposed indoctrination of the public school system, etc. At risk of this post being pages and pages long and boring you to death, I’ve decided to summarize my thoughts into a few bulleted points.

  • We are a Christian family, yes, and I want to daily teach my littles the Christian values we feel are important. As they work together, function as a family, and learn about life – I want to be the one daily teaching them through that.
  • To foster a love of learning – we want our children to see learning all around them in life and to love it, it doesn’t only happen at a desk or at a table
  • To preserve closeness in our family – unless we are spending time together as a family, how are we connecting? I want my children to love each other, learn together, help each other, and work life out with each other
  • Flexibility of schedule – love, love, love being able to up and go when we want to. Being a spontaneous, adventure seeking family, who has a very non-traditional work schedule, we love not having to be governed by a school schedule
  • Teaching of home skills – there’s time in our day to work on cooking, cleaning, and gardening. My husband can do woodworking and home repairs with the littles.
  • There are no limits. I have one child who needs a little bit more when it comes to school and one who is ahead for his age. It doesn’t matter! I get to teach to their individual development level rather than by their age or grade.
  • To be able to meet their needs. Let’s get real, I have two wonderfully active boys. I love being able to teach them as they keep their hands busy with Legos or as they lay on the floor. Sometimes they need a lot of outside time before we get started. We move room to room and are active in learning.

I probably could name 10 more reasons why we homeschool. Some I knew before we started this year, and some I would say are reasons now that we’re into doing it. For us, it works. It may not work every year, but right now it’s working, and it’s working beautifully.


2 Responses to “why we decided to homeschool”

  1. Jodi March 2, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    I didn’t know you homeschooled! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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