how to make a free compost bin & involve kids

3 Mar

I’m trying to compost again this year. Tried last year. Failed. Maggots. Fungus. Yuck. BUT…. something is drawing me back to trying it. We have a little garden and I would LOVE to use the compost from our compost pile rather than spend the $14.98 I did yesterday for compost. Also, I figured that if things like fruit peels, veggie rinds, and eggshells decompose and break back down to earth, why not? It’s not helping anything to have them sit in a plastic garbage bag in a landfill somewhere being preserved rather than going to dirt. Well, I asked dear hubby to build me a compost bin. The littles were excited to jump in and use power tools and involved their neighbor friends too!

1. We found pallets at a local plumbing shop that was throwing them away. They were more than happy to let us have them.

2. Some of the pallets had split boards on them. Since we had more than 3 pallets, which was all we needed, he used some good boards from the pallets we weren’t using and hammered them to the places we needed them.

3. Standing the pallet on end, another pallet was screwed to it, creating a right angle corner.

4. Once again, repaired any broken boards.

5. The third pallet was stood on end and lined up next to the back pallet. Once again, it was screwed together. We needed to put a few smaller pieces of wood on the inside to joist it together and help have places to put the screws.

6. After it was finished and standing, we inserted a few pieces of wood spanning from corner to corner just to support the structure a bit more. From beginning to end it was finished in about an hour, with the help of 5 kids!


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