spring is springing

5 Mar

I’ve resolved that Spring is definitely here. Winter can kiss it good-bye, because I’m ready to fully welcome Spring into the neighborhood. I guess that groundhog was right. There’s something about Spring that makes it my favorite season of the year. I love the coolness with the hope of warmth later in the day. The trees and flowers in bloom make me smile and thank my creator for His beauty. There’s just something about everything “waking up” again – the birds, the trees, the sun.

I’m such a nature person, so it’s no surprise that I can feel so…connected ? to that time of year. I view each day as a new day, a new start, a time to exercise grace. I love the hope of a new beginning – whether it be a new day, the new year, or even the start of a new school year. Spring is the start of a new season of life. What a great time to refocus goals and intentions!

Some sights and smells that mean spring to me:

  • dirty feet – my littles love foregoing socks now that it’s warming, hence the dirty feet
  • dampness – the coldness lingers in the AM, the dew trapped in the leaves still resting on the ground
  • fresh dirt as the garden gets prepared for the growing season
  • new buds peaking from the ends of branches
  • daffodils smiling from behind their yellow sweetness
  • warmth that hears littles playing outdoors again, many hours each day

What is your favorite season? What do you notice in spring that brings a smile to your face?


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