thankful for a new day!

16 Mar

I wanted to post a “Corners of My Home” post today, but it was all cloudy and rainy yesterday – not a good day for pictures. So hopefully I’ll get those taken today to post for tomorrow! It’s my favorite room of the house right now that I want to show you guys. So it’s a goodie!

Love that smile even when it's driving me nuts!

Most days of homeschooling are great! We get a lot done, have mucho fun, go places, play outside, learn together, and laugh and smile. Well, yesterday was NOT one of those days. And you know what? That’s okay! Everyone has an “off” day now and then. I think my “off” day and my kids’ “off” days just collided. 🙂 We battled, fought, pulled teeth, and growled. A mason jar of marbles shattered. The wall got written on with marker. None of my chores or housekeeping got done. But it’s over and today is a new day. Thank goodness!

God is shaping him into the boy and one day, man, He has planned.

I love the feeling that a new day brings. I used to wake up and lay in bed thinking about the negative things that were in my mind from the night before, dreading moments before they even happened. But you know what? I slowly realized that each new day is a gift to us. It is grace. It is a chance to show others grace and to act in a different way. It’s a second chance! So now, I try to see each day as a new start. It’s like a fresh canvas and we can choose how to paint it with our actions and attitudes.

Her new sentence "No Momma!" and today she started asking "Why?" to everything!

Try remembering that when you wake in the morning!

(If you think of it, pray that today is better for us! That can’t hurt!)


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