ten guilty pleasures

21 Mar

This weekend was amazing weather, but busy for our family. We had soccer games on Saturday, my husband – JD had a funeral to go to, then we had dinner plans at my parents’ house. On Sunday we were lazy around the house a bit in the morning, I taught myself to hem jeans and did 2 pairs! Then JD had to be down at church at 1pm. So, that made a long afternoon for me before heading down to church at 5pm. Anyways, we made it through, but really, my brain is mush. Tomorrow we’re taking a much needed day trip to Charleston, my very favorite city ever, to visit a good friend and her littles. We may even spend some time at the beach!

I wanted something a little fun on here, so in light of y’all getting to know me better here’s a fun little list for you:

My guilty pleasures: (in no particular order)

10. french fries – could eat them every. single. day.

9. EtsyEtsy is my daily dose of window shopping. I find inspiration in looking at all the beautiful handmade items. I literally could spend hours each day searching for things.

8. wine – red, please

7. long, very hot showers – the hotter the better, and i consider this my “prayer closet” because really, it’s the only place I can have enough peace and quiet to hear my own thoughts

6. chicken wings and beer – love love love wings. All three of my children love wings. I ate lots of them when I was pregnant and blame that.

5. late nights with friends – I crave social relationships with ADULTS. So after a day with my three littles, I love calling friends to go out or come over and hang out. Usually happens numerous nights a week.

4. sweets – chocolate, brownies, cookies, cupcakes …. you name it! And yes, I hide in the garage with something I want to eat but don’t want to share with the kids.

3. coffee – namely, Starbucks. But I’ll do any good latte or cup of coffee if need be. However, there’s something about that darn Starbucks cup. I love holding one.

2. video games – don’t own a Wii or gaming system, unless my children’s DS’s count – but I played Guitar Hero for hours a night when my hubby brought home the Wii from the youth group he led, and sometimes I’ll play Super Mario on the boys’ DS’s. I love a good Facebook game and have been known to spend time playing games on my phone.

1. shopping without a time frame – ahhhhh…..i could spend an hour in the grocery store when I go in for two items if I’m BY MYSELF. Of course, that time spent in Target is much better!

What are your guilty pleasures?


4 Responses to “ten guilty pleasures”

  1. Judi Boggess March 21, 2011 at 6:44 am #

    Ahhhh, guilty pleasures!!!
    I love to get up an hour before the crazies in this house, take my coffee OUTSIDE and have peace and quiet!!
    I love reading and writing poetry!!
    I love my Farmville game!!
    I could eat just about ANYTHING if it was dipped in chocolate!!
    I enjoy a cold, cold, beer on a warm day.
    I like a cup of vanilla chai tea in the afternoon!

    Great blog post, Michelle!!!

    • chellejd March 21, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

      Ooh! Good ones! Gosh, I love the idea of getting up before the crazies, but always have such a hard time executing it!

  2. racheljthomas March 21, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    Cool Whip. Straight out of the tub. 🙂

    • chellejd March 21, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

      Mmmmm!! IF I had that in the house, I would definitely indulge. Sometimes I get frosting from the container if I have some! 🙂

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