praying for apples, oranges, and bananas or other fruit…

22 Mar

Our wonderful Monday at the beach

So daily, in the shower, because that’s where all my good praying happens, I find myself praying for my day with the littles. I really think that the Fruit of the Spirit is included in the Bible as a prayer for Mom’s (or Dad’s!) on how to parent. Just think about it, if we could display the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives in the following ways, we would be such better parents!

Love – this one seems obvious

Joy – Do we parent with joy? Do our kids feel like we are joyful or do we parent from obligation? What could we do within our day to show more joy in our parenting? A lighthearted attitude, choosing our battles, more fun and interaction?

Peace – What do you think it would look like to have peace in your parenting? How would an example of peacefulness change the dynamics of your home and your family?

Patience – Oh yes. Please let me know if you’ve gotten this one down, I could learn from you.

Kindness – Sometimes I think, do I treat my children with the same kindness or even better than I would treat a complete stranger? Sadly, sometimes the answer is no. They deserve the best kindness we have. What is my overall attitude when communicating and working with them?

Goodness – What do you think this would look like in parenting?

Gentleness – Another one that goes along with kindness that I think is really reflected with our responses to our children. Our tone, our touch, our words all reflect gentleness or roughness. I think this one most challenges me because I really want my children to model this one.

Faithfulness – Do we give up or do we continue to do our best? What about that witching hour or 4 pm when I’m waiting for hubby to come home? Am I faithful to establish boundaries that are fair and consistent? Am I faithful to teach them God’s Word? Am I faithful to turn my parenting steering wheel over to God?

Self-Control – Just like our littles need a big dose of this (at least mine do!) I realize daily that I need to work on it. How quickly can I yell or respond harshly? How quickly do I jump to conclusions rather than establishing some positive intent? Yikes.

I truly think I could use work in all these areas. I know that daily, submitting to the Spirit’s work within me, I wil start to see these take shape in my life. But it definitely takes work on my end.

Which ones do you think are the most challenging to exemplify in your parenting?


3 Responses to “praying for apples, oranges, and bananas or other fruit…”

  1. Angie March 22, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Patience is a big one for me. We’re in such a hurry these days, and letting the little ones do things on their own can take SO MUCH TIME. I constantly find myself trying to slow down and give my son a chance to do the task at hand, whether it be buckling his own seatbelt or trying to brush his own teeth. When I do allow that time, he’s so proud of the result that I get such great joy and usually a giggle as well. When I don’t, he and I both miss out.

  2. Cara Moody March 22, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    Your post inspired me so I did a google image search for fruit of the spirit. I found some cute smiley fruit with each character quality and turned them into magnets for my fridge. Now I hope to remember to pray for each one daily. Reminded that He gives second helpings to His kids whenever then need them and ask. 🙂

    • chellejd March 22, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

      What a great idea Cara! I love this!!

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