making changes: unplugging

31 Mar

I can tell when I’ve had a day that I feel like I want to pull my hair out at the end of it or sell one of my children, that I’ve spent far too much time on my own agenda of things. Usually this means that I’ve been on my computer or phone too much. Not that these things are bad, but when I’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, check my e-mail, reply to blog comments, repeat again. and maybe again then it gets to be distracting from my most important job at hand at that time – mothering.

I started last week with Week 1 of “1% Changes.” You can go back and read the background on what it is. Anyways, this week my 1% change was that I UNPLUGGED for a day. Well, at least the daytime my children were awake. Eek! 13 hours with very limited internet usage, Facebook surfing, Twitter reading, and not one single time checking my blog or comments. I did browse my e-mail once or twice as I was waiting for a job-related e-mail, but other than that I UNPLUGGED.

Instead of spending the time I would be doing those things, I played Legos, read stories, chased littles, spent more time in prayer, and really focused on just being with my children without any distractions. It was great.

So in an effort to be a healthier individual, and I think balance is one of those things that can make us healthy or unhealthy, I am going to institute a day of unplugging each week.

What 1% change can you make this week to make a healthier you? Check out the 1% change link on the side and join us! Or comment below on the way you can make a change of just 1%.

Small changes can lead to big results!


3 Responses to “making changes: unplugging”

  1. Kim Alford April 3, 2011 at 7:40 am #

    Awesome!! Love this! ❤


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