finally friday!

1 Apr


Is it Friday yet???


Whew, I tell y’all it’s been a week! Thankful we’ve had no sickies or major calamity, but 5 out of 6 days of rain and we’re rejoicing for the sunshine today. I have children that NEED to be outside, hours a day. Actually I think all children need to, but we especially suffer if we don’t. No exaggeration, but my boys climb the walls, literally. They fly from their bunk beds, baby girl whines and clings to my legs. We’ve been bored, antsy, and irritable. Pair that with some major things happening in my life right now that are consuming my thoughts and let’s just say patience has been in short-supply. But, it’s Friday!! And it’s a sunny Friday! And it’s not raining!! (insert happy dance!)

So, I leave you with a few of my favorites for the weekend. Hope you have a wonderful one with your family and friends!!

Amazing Blogs I’ve been Digging:

100 Days of Real Food – This family made a challenge for themselves to eat “real food” for 100 days and blogged about their journey. There’s recipes, shopping lists, food information, etc. I’ve spent a few days on this site, and learned a TON with a lot more to learn!

Under the Sycamore Tree – Ashley has such a wonderful blog that I just get lost reading! I love her photos, her creative projects are amazing, and she has a great casual way of writing that makes me feel like we’re having a cup of coffee together. Not to mention, I think her posts about her kids sounds like she wrote them about mine!

A Holy Experience – A friend recently turned me onto this blog and it’s like that afternoon cup of tea. Calming, refocusing, and much much needed. Ann has such a way with words and pictures. I currently have her book, “One Thousand Gifts” on reserve at the library and can’t wait to read it!

Let me know if you check them out and what you think!






One Response to “finally friday!”

  1. Kim Alford April 4, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    Loooove Ann V!!! What a sweet sweet place she is…

    Glad you liked ‘Bible before blogging’! 🙂 I certainly don’t mind you using it as inspiration! I’m thankful to know it resonates with others! ❤

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