this one may be hard!

6 Apr

In case you were wondering, my week #1 1% change was to drink more water each day. I’m definitely doing better with this one then I was before the challenge. I also think it helps that I want to drink more as the weather warms too.

My Week #2 challenge for the 1% change was to UNPLUG one day a week (at least). I did well on this last week, but haven’t done it yet this week. What shall you say we try Friday? I’ll let you know how that goes.

This week for my 1% Challenge, I was inspired by a new blog I found actually through the 1% Challenge. She made this her challenge last week and it’s just so applicable for me as well and really, when I read it it was convicting – but BIBLE BEFORE BLOGGING. And with “blogging” I mean any distraction that keeps me from God’s word being priority. For me this would truly be computer usage, phone use, and other books.

I really feel like reading the Bible is so important. I want to know God’s Word in a way that makes it living and real in my every day life. I want to show my children the example of being in God’s word and knowing it. Eventually my goal is to read it naturally throughout the day. But for my 1% goal I want to read it for 30 minutes a day. This time may be intermettent or all at one time.

The point is to read it and to get in a habit of reading it.

What better way of connecting with the God and Father who created me and pursues a relationship with me than to spend time getting to know Him?

So, what’s your 1% Challenge this week? If you choose one, be sure to comment here and go on over to Naptime Diaries and leave a comment about yours!



2 Responses to “this one may be hard!”

  1. Kim Alford April 14, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    Hey.. Just saw this one.. Good stuff!! 🙂

    How’s it going?

    Love your wreath & Grace banner too.. Sweet! Pray your desicion becomes clear as you seek His face. ❤


  1. you are what you eat « - April 21, 2011

    […] 3: Bible before blogging (or whatever […]

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