you are what you eat

21 Apr

Last week I skipped over my 1% change, but the desire and conviction for this week’s started way back ago. For my previous 1% changes, see:

Week 1: more water

Week 2: unplugging

Week 3: Bible before blogging (or whatever distraction)

So like I said, this week’s 1% change has been on my mind and I think we’ve taken steps to getting here, but  well, let me back up a bit. My end desire is to be a family that eats good for you, real, hopefully local food. My dream would be to buy our produce from the many farmer’s markets or roadside stands in our area or grow it ourself in our garden, buy local meats and fish, and buy local dairy products. I have a desire to learn more about grains and legumes. I don’t think being vegan or vegetarian fits for our family, but we’d like to eat beef only once a week, with chicken, fish, and meatless meals rounding out the rest of the week. I would like to eliminate processed foods, non-natural forms of sugar, dyes, and preservatives from our foods. We’re making baby steps people.

So, all that to say – my 1% change in getting there this week is to read the labels and inform myself about foods and what we eat. I first want to know what IN the products I’m buying. I also want to know all I can about food and the ways it’s produced today. I’ve been reading some great books lately about food that have opened my eyes, affirmed some of the good choices we already make, and given me ideas of getting closer to where I want to be:

Needless to say, I am thrilled about the return of summer farmer’s markets. And today at a local farm I bought so much green, my husband asked if I was planting a garden.
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One Response to “you are what you eat”

  1. melissa April 21, 2011 at 7:41 am #

    Food is a great subject for a 1% change- I feel like I’ve been working on what we eat for forever now when really it’s only been a little over a year. It really does take a little at a time. Still have a long way to go but we are better off now than a year ago. I think reading labels is a great habit although sometimes it depresses me when I think I’ve bought something good and find out it’s not so hot!

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