post birthday post aka “we survived!”

17 May

This weekend my little man turned 7. In honor of his seventh birthday, we had seven little boys, ranging in ages 5-9 spend the night. It was a blast! Needless to say, we needed to keep them VERY busy to avoid ninja fights, bunk bed launching, and unspervised sword fighting but it really was great and Cade had a great time. I found out that little boys this age LOVE whoopie cushions, pop rocks, silly string and little toy ninjas. Those guests made the party when they showed up!

entryway decorations

Birthday banner - a family favorite!

skateboard from Mom and Dad

We didn’t have a theme other than “birthday” and that was just fine with me. We just did fun activities centered around what my son enjoys and what he thought his friends would like.

  • Sword Fighting – used Nerf swords and had the boys sword fight in a taped out ring. The goal was to try to get their opponent to step out of the ring or drop their sword.
  • Lego Challenge – all boys were given a bag of various Lego parts. They had 10 minutes to build a creation using all pieces.
  • Treasure Hunt – the boys went on a hunt outside to find gold coins hidden in the yard. They then cashed in their coins for prizes
  • Water Balloon Toss – the boys were partnered with another boy. The stood opposite each other and took turns passing a water balloon to the partner. If it was caught, they took a step back. The team with the last intact balloon won.
  • Silly String Fight – each boy was given a can of silly string (blue team vs. yellow team). They went at it trying to squirt the other team.
  • Egg Drop – using a parachute constructed from a plastic bag and a milk box, the boys each took turn selecting a location to drop the parachute from with a raw egg in the box. The goal was to get “Buster” to the ground without breaking him.

making a wish

The worst part of it was that the boys were all asleep by 10:00 pm but were up at 5:30 am! They had a GREAT time though. And guess what, little boys don’t care what your house looks like come party time!

getting Daddy with silly string

silly string fight

most favored guest


One Response to “post birthday post aka “we survived!””

  1. Katie May 17, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    Yeah! What a fun day! Looks like a great time and almost makes me wish I was a 7 year old boy for a day. Almost. 🙂

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