the wonderful world of boys – lesson 2

19 May

Thanks for the great feedback on Lesson 1 about our wonderful boys! You guys had some great ideas about the smell of little boys’ bathrooms. Let’s move on to Lesson #2 about boys: creatures a.k.a. living things a.k.a. bugs, frogs, and worms.

Yes, that's a snake!

Yesterday in no longer than 2 hours, my son had filled his hands with 11 worms and had 14 frogs in a box. This is a usual occurrence! We’ve had jars of caterpillars, frogs, tadpoles, roly polys, lizards, lightning bugs, and worms. Then again there are grubs, flies, and centipedes. We keep them for a few days but I always feel like they’re going to meet their demise at our hands. I don’t want that guilt on me! Besides, who knows what a tadpole eats?

We have lived with an aquarium with captured tree frogs in it. We’d buy crickets from the pet store each week and watch as the carnivores gave us a show devouring them with a certain intensity. Very cool.

Yes, lizard tails have flailed in our driveway detached from their body. Ew, but so cool to 6 and 5-year-old boys.

look at those smiles!

I have learned to appreciate nature and God’s creation. I’ve learned to allow my children to see it up close and personal and to explore and interact with it. Through their hands-on research they have an opportunity to be in awe of the creator of the universe. I try to always bring it back to the fact that God made those crawlies and we need to care for them. They’ve learned about food chains, decomposers, larvae stages, metamorphosis, and the creatures’ place in this world as they have interacted with them.

I’m thankful for my boys’ curious nature that makes them want to pick up and play with and create habitats for these creatures in God’s creation. I’m thankful for my learned, non-squeamish nature that doesn’t freak out when they do so. And I’m thankful for soap and water!


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