thankful thursday

26 May

* Despite the near 100 degree temperatures this afternoon, I’m thankful for the cooler start in the mornings. Feeling the breeze blow while drinking my coffee on the front porch this morning, while my littles play in the yard makes me smile.

* My sweet girl who put every bug on a tree to “eat.” This comes from mommy putting a caterpillar through a fence on a tree to avoid a toddler’s grasp a few weeks ago.

* Grace. Simply grace. This week I’ve been reflecting on the sinful nature of my children and myself, which has stirred in myself a new and more loving way to see my children. So thankful that although we live with a sinful nature, we are covered in such grace that loves us unconditionally.

* Friends. Knowing I had a rough day the other day a sweet friend brought me a bouquet of fresh cut flowers from her yard. Another wonderful friend spoke to my heart in a sweet e-mail yesterday. I love my girlfriends, and I have some of the best ones.

* God provision. Yesterday, we watched the electric company turn off a neighbors electric and I told my husband that although we’ve been through a rough patch the past two years, God has continually provided us everything we’ve needed and beyond. Sure we’ve come close to having utilities cut off, but we haven’t. God is good.

Spend a few moments today being thankful for the little things we might not notice in the everyday. 


One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. Katie May 29, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    so refreshing. thanks for sharing your blessings with us. 🙂

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