looking back on the year…

7 Jun

A little over a year ago we stepped out in faith and made a family decision to homeschool our children. For many reasons, some of which are discussed HERE, we prayed about it and made the decision we felt was best for our family. Now a year later, we are looking back and evaluating how it went and how we all feel about the school year.

We’re celebrating the school year for the hard work that everyone put into the year. The boys did far better than I thought they would – sure we had a few days with rotten attitudes and testing of boundaries, but for the most part, they did great and just took our school time as what we did. We were able to make new friends, go on many day trips and fun activities, and spend time at home – more than we really had before.

I love that I was able to be present in the every day discipling of the boys. As we encountered a deficient relationship skill or a sin issue, we dealt with it from a Christian standpoint. The boys learned scripture verses and we applied them to the every day living. I’d like to see their relationship develop even deeper these next few years as they mature some and as we work on the concept of “family” a bit more. It was such a blessing though to lay so many foundational bricks.

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing your children learn something at the teaching from your hands and mouth. One of my sons really started reading this year. A late bloomer in a few academic areas, his teacher from last year was concerned he’d be lost in the school system if he was to go on to public school. We were able to see him start reading, and to start understanding the connection between letters and words. And not only start reading, but to have confidence in doing so because he has nothing to compare it to and hasn’t felt defeated in any way.

I think we have bonded as a family this year as we have all found a bit more of the purpose for which God created us. I have never been more comfortable in a role and just wanting to grow in it as I have this year as a mother, wife, and housekeeper. God has continually reminded me that this season is for raising my children and aiming them towards Him. However, He is always teaching me. The boys are the only ones learning around here! I love the lessons I’m learning as a result of homeschooling them.

Next year, I have decided to take a position at Arrows Academy teaching K4-K5. The great thing is that I will still be able to school our family! The boys will also have the best of both worlds with someone else, a Christian teacher, guiding them and saying the same things we are and speaking into their lives. They’ll have a classroom of friends to interact with, and I get to use my gifts and talents even more!

So, all in all I have LOVED this year. I think the boys have liked it well and I’m excited about what next year will hold.


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