once upon a time…

27 Jun

Once upon a time there was this girl named Michelle who used to blog at her little corner or the web-o-sphere called “Mommy Needs Coffee.” Michelle did pretty good at juggling blogging, mommying, housekeeping, and schooling. She was involved at church, hung out with friends, and even went grocery shopping when she had to. Well, one day she went away on a great trip with her family. Upon return she realized that the balls she was juggling were flying through the air and landing on the floor with a bounce. They bounced to the corners, under tables (catching dust bunnies), and on the countertops. Laundry was piling up, the house needed to be tended to, church responsibilities increased ten-fold, the school year needed planning, her hubby was making some very important work decisions and having a lot of meetings, her children reached the boredom stage of summer, and another trip was on the horizon. So, the computer sat closed with only the occasional glance  for a while. 🙂

I love y’all, seriously. I love your comments, your e-mails, your encouraging Facebook comments and messages. I love the community we can have, seeing that we’re alike in so many ways and learning from each other. Thanks for hanging with me!

We leave for New York on Thursday. We’ll be driving the 13 hours with the 3 littles in the backseat of our Jetta. So please, be in prayer y’all! But, I am so very excited. I have never been to New York and I’m looking forward to sharing it for the first time with the littles. I love my in-laws and their crazy Italian family. We’ll be there for a family reunion and of course are planning on a few days in the city. Yes! Yes! Yes!  Then we’ll be home for 10 days before we head out again for Trip #3 to Michigan for a family reunion for my family. Whew!

Coming up on here, I have a few guest bloggers – so excited to share these lovely women with you. I also have a great giveaway I’m waiting on a few details for before I can post it up. But it’ll be worth it, I promise you!

Love y’all and thank you for your grace!  ~Michelle



One Response to “once upon a time…”

  1. Barbie June 28, 2011 at 12:56 am #

    Have a wonderful time in New York. I’ve never been. Would love to go some day!

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