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taking care of mama

12 Jan

Starting 2012, I had a list of resolutions, or “intentions” as I like to call them. Doesn’t seem so weighty then. 🙂 As I reflected over them, I saw a common theme amongst many items; items like “make time to create weekly,” “go to bed early, wake early,” “go to yoga 2 times a week,” etc. The common theme was that I am craving caring for myself. As I get carried away, from the moment I awake, to the demands of mom, wife, housekeeper, educator – I forget to make time or priority to care for me.

However, if I don’t care for my needs:

  • physical
  • spiritual
  • emotional
  • intellectually

then I can’t possibly be caring for the needs of others in the best way possible. BUT, I find it SO hard to take care of me! Why? Before I had kids, I thought nothing of reading a book in the middle of the day or going to the gym. Confession: I like my family and being with them. I feel guilty at doing my own thing while everyone is together. But I NEED to be okay with it. I NEED to be okay with my husband taking the kids to the park while I have quiet time at home. I NEED to be okay with going to Starbucks a few hours on Saturday to do planning while he has the kids at home. I NEED to be okay with letting go of tidying up for the night so I can go to bed early. Once I actually break away and do it, I feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. I know I respond better to those around me and show my family my best, when I’ve given some of “me’ to me.

Some ways I plan on being more proactive in this area for the year are: planning a girls weekend away to refresh and relax, spend a few hours each weekend away from the house – planning for the week ahead, and creating time in my week to sew, create, craft, read, for yoga, and homemaking. The first thing was to decide it was a necessity for me and the second thing was to get my husband’s support.

Mama’s we don’t have to do it all ourselves. Go out, take a break, slow down, and take care of yourself. You’ll feel better for it and your family will appreciate it.


you are what you eat

21 Apr

Last week I skipped over my 1% change, but the desire and conviction for this week’s started way back ago. For my previous 1% changes, see:

Week 1: more water

Week 2: unplugging

Week 3: Bible before blogging (or whatever distraction)

So like I said, this week’s 1% change has been on my mind and I think we’ve taken steps to getting here, but  well, let me back up a bit. My end desire is to be a family that eats good for you, real, hopefully local food. My dream would be to buy our produce from the many farmer’s markets or roadside stands in our area or grow it ourself in our garden, buy local meats and fish, and buy local dairy products. I have a desire to learn more about grains and legumes. I don’t think being vegan or vegetarian fits for our family, but we’d like to eat beef only once a week, with chicken, fish, and meatless meals rounding out the rest of the week. I would like to eliminate processed foods, non-natural forms of sugar, dyes, and preservatives from our foods. We’re making baby steps people.

So, all that to say – my 1% change in getting there this week is to read the labels and inform myself about foods and what we eat. I first want to know what IN the products I’m buying. I also want to know all I can about food and the ways it’s produced today. I’ve been reading some great books lately about food that have opened my eyes, affirmed some of the good choices we already make, and given me ideas of getting closer to where I want to be:

Needless to say, I am thrilled about the return of summer farmer’s markets. And today at a local farm I bought so much green, my husband asked if I was planting a garden.
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making changes: unplugging

31 Mar

I can tell when I’ve had a day that I feel like I want to pull my hair out at the end of it or sell one of my children, that I’ve spent far too much time on my own agenda of things. Usually this means that I’ve been on my computer or phone too much. Not that these things are bad, but when I’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, check my e-mail, reply to blog comments, repeat again. and maybe again then it gets to be distracting from my most important job at hand at that time – mothering.

I started last week with Week 1 of “1% Changes.” You can go back and read the background on what it is. Anyways, this week my 1% change was that I UNPLUGGED for a day. Well, at least the daytime my children were awake. Eek! 13 hours with very limited internet usage, Facebook surfing, Twitter reading, and not one single time checking my blog or comments. I did browse my e-mail once or twice as I was waiting for a job-related e-mail, but other than that I UNPLUGGED.

Instead of spending the time I would be doing those things, I played Legos, read stories, chased littles, spent more time in prayer, and really focused on just being with my children without any distractions. It was great.

So in an effort to be a healthier individual, and I think balance is one of those things that can make us healthy or unhealthy, I am going to institute a day of unplugging each week.

What 1% change can you make this week to make a healthier you? Check out the 1% change link on the side and join us! Or comment below on the way you can make a change of just 1%.

Small changes can lead to big results!

one percent changes

24 Mar

I have a great friend, Jessi, over at Naptime Diaries, who is doing a new weekly challenge on her blog. The challenge is to make small changes each week towards a healthier you. Make a 1% change. This may not seem like much, but “little, costly-yet-still-easy, baby steps lead to life change.” When looking at the changes in our lives to be healthier, physically, emotionally, spiritually – it can all seem so overwhelming. BUT when we break that down into small changes, then it actually seems very manageable!

So here’s the challenge:

  • Make a 1% change in some area of your life that will lead to a healthier YOU. This change may be a daily change or a weekly change. For some it’s exercising 2 days a week for 30 min. For others it might be eliminating that Diet Coke at lunch time. Whatever it is, think small. We’re going to build on those.
  • If you want to join in, click on the “1% change” box on the right hand side, it’ll take you to where you can link your blog post. All you have to do is blog your 1% change each Wednesday then link it.

OKAY….My first 1% change is adding WATER to my daily intake. This may seem way easy for some of you, but I really drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning then maybe a glass or two of wine in the evening, without much in between. So, my ultimate goal is to add in 64 oz. of water a day, but my 1% change is to drink 40 oz. I know that’s more than 1%, but it’s okay. 1% would have been like a shot glass of water and well, for any of you who know me, I’m kind of an overachiever. 🙂 It’s a baby step that is a big change for me. So today I started with my water bottle next to me and did it! It wasn’t even that difficult. I think the consistency of doing it may be wherein the difficulty lies.

I’d love to hear your 1% change. Drop a comment here or head over on that square over there…