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What?! What?!

1 Jan

I’m blogging! I know it’s a crazy thing, since most of you think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth or something. But you know, New Year’s Resolutions and all…. I’m going to try to be more consistent with writing. You know when life gets busy, something has gotta give. And for me the past 6 month, that has been blogging. But I miss you guys. I miss the conversations, the encouragement, the dialogue between us. I love knowing that my words inspired someone. Or that I was encouraged by a comment left. So. although it’s been crazy around here — I can see a light at the end of the tunnel (I hope!). I love sharing about our family, my crazy kiddos, my heart , and what the Lord is doing. I will continue to do so in 2012. Call it a resolution or something. I actually call my long list of things “intentions.” That way I don’t feel so bad when I don’t carrying them out. 🙂 Hehe. No really though, I feel more give about working on them, not such a failure on January 10th. You know that feeling….

Anyways, Happy New Years, Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, and all the other sentiments I missed wishing you. 🙂

Let’s catch up…


all the way or not at all

23 Sep

this summer in Washington DC

I am one of those people who likes to do things all the way. I pour myself into something trying to make it my best. That sounds great, doesn’t it? People should try to do their best at all times. But along with that there is a tiny problem I have…if I can’t do something all the way, the way I think is best and needs to be done for me, than I lose interest or don’t do it. Sometimes I’ll work and try to be the best I can be – I read articles, books, blog posts. I talk to friends, experts, etc. on the subject at hand. I’ll spend countless hours making things “just right.” But there’s that pesky side that gives up.

Enter in blogging. I have this romantic notion of blogging each day, great posts, that everyone loves to read and comment on. I enjoy blogging to keep a record of how God moves in my life and my family, I like keeping the memories of my children and our family at hand, I enjoy the community that comes from the blogging world. Anyways, this summer was a whirlwind for us that to be honest, I think I’m just starting to come out from. Right after our whirlwind summer of travel, funeral, and church changes, we started the school year. Added to the school year, and for a homeschooling family, that means many different things…but I started teaching at a really neat school for homeschool kids two days a week. At times I have felt so overwhelmed. I have had to readjust my priorities and for many months blogging just couldn’t be the priority.

However, all through this I have learned many valuable lessons. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that I don’t have to do it all on my own. I have to turn over things to God to help me through. I place such pressure on myself to do it “just so” and that becomes heavy. I’ve learned to give up some things that really aren’t that important. I’ve had to evaluate my time and what I prioritize.

Anyways, all this to say, I enjoy blogging for the various reasons I blog. I’m going to keep going on in this tiny corner of the web with my thoughts, wishes, and ideas. I may not blog daily like I once did, but I am aiming for 2-3 times a week. You guys are such a blessing to me, and I know God uses my words to be a blessing to others that I want to make time for this.

Love y’all!

some more confessions…

10 Jun

Next week I’ll be taking a break for the week, as we will be in Tennessee at a camp that my husband is speaking at for the week. I’m looking forward to the beauty of the area, and getting away with the family for a few days. DOn’t worry, I’ll announce the winner for the sweet mama bird’s nest pendant or ring before I go!

For today, I’ll leave you with a few confessions:

(1) I am petrified of spiders. LIke immediate tears fill my eyes when I see one. Ew.Other bugs, sure. I can handle them. But spiders? No thank you.

(2) Everyday I am in awe that God uses me to parent these little ones. I screw up daily. I don’t know it all or have it together, but He still uses me. Wow.

(3) I like handwashing dishes.  It gives me time to think and pray while my hands are busy.

(4) My inclination is to always say “no” to my children. Why is that? I’m working on it.

(5) I adore my children and love them to pieces. But sometimes, I just don’t like them.

(6) My Bible needs to be cracked open more often. I crave God’s word. Really do. Life just happens around it though. I really need to prioritize.

There’s a few. What are some of the things you want to lift off and “confess?” Share them. 

Hoping you have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend! 


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randomness: target & good reads

1 Jun

So how does Target do it? There is like this $50.00 vortex thing that no matter what, no matter how many items I go to buy, I can never spend less than $50.00. Last night I went to buy shampoo, razors and deodorant and I came home with clothes for Harper, a baby book, mouthwash, a jump rope for the boys, and the items mentioned above. AND SPENT MORE THAN $50.00. I sure do love me some Target though. Love me their clearance, love me their kid clothes, love me their home decor, love me their jewelry and accessories and shoes. I can’t think of anything I don’t love about Target. I’ll even forgive the one-line-open-with-seven-people-waiting because I found an adorable shirt on clearance! Can anyone relate?!

Sweet shirt for Harper...too cute!

In other news, I am reading through “one thousand gifts” by Ann Voskamp and LOVING it. I cannot express how this book is changing my life and how I wish everyone would read it. The tagline for the book is “a dare to love fully right where you are” and it is truly getting to the heart of that with her beautiful writing. It’s about gratitude and Christ and living life reflecting on the two. I don’t want to spoil any of the book for those of you who haven’t read it, but I will say you need to walk run to the bookstore or library (which probably has 7 holds before you) and get it. I can only read one to two chapters at a time because I need to reflect on what she says. Ann’s blog is amazing too and can be found at A Holy Experience. She has a very poetic way of writing that always leaves me encouraged, wanting God more, and wanting to be a better parent. Love it.


I wanted to remind you that you can join the group “Mommy Needs Coffee” on Facebook to keep updated on new posts, discuss posts or topics, and to interact with a community. I love posting dinner ideas, parenting questions, or other things that just can’t be hashed out through reading a blog. I LOVE seeing who the community is that reads this, and would love to get to know you better too.Check it out if you haven’t already done so!





ahh Thursday, be good to me…

12 May

Woke this morning with two little energy balls. Ahh…to have the energy of childhood! The third woke soon after and has seemed to join in just fine! Maybe there’s something to that 8pm bedtime? The littlest of the littles repeatedly keeps taking her diaper off and saying “potty” and the older two littles are having some sort of dance party. It seems like it may be a bit of a long day.

This is a birthday weekend for us. My oldest, Cade, will be turning 7 on Sunday! Where did time fly?! We’re having a sleepover with 7 little boys. (What am I thinking?!) Tomorrow I’ll be doing a special post just about him!

If you haven’t already, check out FaithBlogs where I am a guest blogger this week! FaithBlogs is a wonderful place with a lot of great people blogging. You’re sure to find inspiration, encouragement, and a word of wisdom over there.

Two of my loves and the mandatory coffee, of course.

Alrighty, out of here for the day.

Second cup of coffee.

Birthday party to do list.


Put diaper back on baby.

Third cup of coffee.



our week: the zoo, first haircut, & fire hydrant fun

5 May

Before haircut

She literally made this face the entire time. Hilarious.

After haircut


Fire hydrant fun!

Riding in the fire hydrant

some confessions…

29 Apr

my out of control laundry...

Alright it’s Friday and I’ve been missing for  couple of days. I had my best friend’s son in the hospital with a respiratory illness and just a crazy day with play dates and a girls’ night. So, I decided to get real with you guys, show you a bit of myself sitting behind this computer screen, and encourage you to share the same. I know we all have things that catch us up each day that we feel or think. Either things we like or dislike that kind of go against what those around us think or feel. Some of us feel trapped by these feelings because we feel like we shouldn’t feel that way: can-you-please-heap-on-a-scoop-of-mommy-guilt-please? Others of us feel this way because it let’s us down from the perfect image we’re trying to obtain or the image we think a Christian mom, wife, friend, woman, should be. Anyways, I just wanted to offer some of my confessions for the following reasons: (1) to encourage you that although it seems like I can do it all or have it all together, when we’re in the blog world you only see a snippet of my real life – let’s be real here. (2) to encourage you to share some of your confessions (in a pure, fun way)

#1 — i don’t shower everyday: we’re lucky for every other day here

#2 — i give my children back their food when they drop it on the floor (unless it’s obv dirty) — c’mon we’d be out a lot of money or food if I didn’t!

#3 — sometimes I put myself in time out when my children push that one button one time too many

#4 — i’m one of those “crazy, radical, don’t care about their kids mom’s” who don’t vaccinate (flame away…)

#5 — i hate wearing socks, my feet feel trapped. Blech.

#6 — i hide in the garage or on the back patio to eat treats (candy, cookies, brownies, etc.) when I don’t want the littles to have any

#7 — my laundry is never kept up with (ugh…. I end up rewashing a load a week after it gets the smells-like-wet-dog-smell from being left in the washer)

#8 — i like evenings when my husband is out (something about mom getting it all done, kids get in bed earlier, quiet time, and no propositions ;))

#9 — mommy things make me crazy – clubs, organized activities, etc. I like being with friends. I HATE small talk.

#10 — sometimes I make my night sound rougher than it was so that my hubby lets me sleep in later. 

#11 — i find loving people I don’t know to be very hard. 

#12 — my weight is the same as pre-pregnancy, but everything has moved elsewhere. However, I don’t make much effort to do anything about it even though it bothers me!

#13 — I REALLY like a glass (or two) of wine

Alright. There’s round 1. Maybe one day you’ll see round 2. Anyways…what do you like? Dislike? Can’t stand? Spill it. 

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend. It’s my man’s birthday and I’m super excited about my plans for it.