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learning in the everyday

5 Jan

Often I find myself falling into a trap that has me thinking that the only successful days I have in homeschooling are ones that have a clear, organized, subject-filled plan in place. I’m okay following a day like that about 3 times a week. However the other days I am itching to get out of the house, explore the world around, run errands, and meet up with friends. When I fall into that trap, on those days I think about how the kids aren’t learning, I’m slacking in schooling, or they’ll never get x, y, z. I forget one of the main reasons we homeschool our children is so that they will see that learning happens all around – at any place or time. When I stop and reflect on that I remember that –

the brothers playing legos together this morning in a peaceful manner were working on social skills and math concepts in using the legos

free play led to the boys drawing maps of a friend’s home and yard, complete with a plan for spying on chickens

putting together the pieces of an animal habitat led to research about triops, crustaceans, and the observation of a roly poly

uninterrupted time inspired quiet reading of new library books

openly available art supplies inspired artwork, drawings in sketch pads, and chalk drawings

Sometimes I need to remember my own thoughts about learning happening all around — those lessons could be the richest ones that my children learn. Sure a plan is great, curriculum is a wonderful help, and I still feel the pressures to meet standards and “get it all in,” but I can step back and see that just daily living is not done in vain when I make myself available for the littles, provide resources and opportunities, and encourage them to explore.